BATTLELINES is a social group for South Essex musicians, music lovers, poets, creative thinkers and people who drink beer

The group meets once a month on a Sunday at  Peggys Music Bar .
Prior to each group meet at least three musicians are selected to battle.
The battle is over a set of originally penned lyrics (complete, partial or maybe even just a topic/theme) that can come from anyone in the group (but obviously not the musicians battling).
The musicians get the lyrics at least 2-4 weeks in advance and are challenged to create their own interpretation and bring their version of the song to the battle.
On the night the three musicians will do battle over the lyrics, guitars in hand! The rest of the group deciding the overall victor.
Other songs are played on the night and impromptu performances welcomed.
Winner your battles moves you on, all goes well, we'll have a GRAND FINAL.......

So Slam

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